Women's Wellness Program

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As a traditional midwife and doula I am coordinator of the holistic women's wellness program at The Yoga Hive. Serving women at all stages of womanhood from puberty to fertility to menopause through yoga classes, workshops, and consultations. Services include doula, prenatal yoga and massage, Ladies Hour Yoga, Childbirth Ed., Baby + Me and more.



 helps clients work toward their health goals by educating them in fitness and stress management techniques. They take a comprehensive approach to providing health services by emphasizing the relationship between physical and mental wellness.


full body massage performed by a certified prenatal massage therapist that is similar to a Swedish massage (like what you might experience at a spa) except for a few modifications with body positioning that can ensure the safety and comfort for both mother and baby


designed to help women access accurate and up to date information about childbirth and make informed decisions about their care. Exposure to evidence based information about maternity care practices should assist women to make informed decisions that are based on that evidence.


is a gentle yoga class for women only, focused on relaxation in an uplifting environment. All women can find community here, regardless of age or ability. Mothers-to-be are welcome and will be given modifications to help them through their pregnancy. Come find a safe and supportive way to care for yourself in a body positive environment .


is an inclusive, all levels prenatal yoga class for pregnant bodies, focused on preparing the mind, body, and baby for the growing body and birth. Not only does this class encourage a mind and body connection with self and baby but also promotes a growing and buzzing community of pregnant people. 



Doula Care

Postpartum Care 

Placenta Care

Lactation Consulting 

The calm you bring is needed. Your methods to get baby out are amazing. Magic.