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Why Should you Hire a Doula?

Ok. What's the big deal?! What is the buzz about hiring a doula? Most mother's either never hear about a doula or right before labor day. Those that do hear about doulas and birthworkers, either from friends or colleagues, it seems like something that's negotiable to your birth team.

Actually, a doula is one of the first people to add to your birth team. Doula service is an intimate practice, much like we desire our care to be from our care providers. You want to give your self both ample time to vet and get to know the doula you choose. Even is your doula is a friend, you want to make sure you and your care takers principles and vision align.

What are some benefits to hiring a doula?

  • Birth Planning

  • Assistance choosing a care provider

  • Translator between birthing professionals and parents

  • Doulas have witnessed births, usually many

  • Empowering your partner

  • Postpartum care

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Network of birth work professionals

Rather this is your first baby, or you are adding to the pack, hiring a doula will add a hand of physical support, educational support, teaching self advocacy, and emotional support.

Doulas are trained professionals and regardless of training their main focus is making should your birth is a life occurrence that is memorable and close to your desired wishes. This is significant because ob/gyn's, midwives, and birth center see a higher volume of client's than your doula typically will. So this is where you get to design the care you and your family will receive throughout your prgnancy.

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