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5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Prenatal yoga is like the gateway drug to a long term yoga practice. For a lot of people, this may be the first time that your are introduced to yoga. Someone suggested this specific class because of your specific circumstance; being pregnant.

Like Bodies: The first thing you may notice is that this one one of the few places that you will not be the minority in the room; everyone in pregnant. For most of your pregnancy, it feels like an individual event. However inside of the prenatal yoga room, you are with other experiencing the same things you are, possibly at the same time.

Movement: Can you still see your feet? Lucky you! Mobility really slows down as you get more and more pregnant. You are encouraged to move but you probably aren't moving around like you were pre-pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is designed for the pregnant body. Each posture is grooming your body to carry the little human you house.

Mind body connection: Meditation doesn't come natural to all

people. There are moment is a prenatal yoga class when you have to tune into what you, your body, and baby are feeling. You are will become very present in conversation with your body and baby. These are the building blocks of meditation; the internal conversation.

Reduces stress: Although prenatal yoga is designed for the pregnant body, the traditional benefits remain the same. Yoga eases the mind through a moving meditation. Making movement that benefit the pregnant body will also ease the troubles of the mind. Your prenatal yoga teacher is likely to share information, or quotes that are relative to your experience, and being informed is the remedy the stress of the unknown.

Prepares you for birth: if this is your first or last time giving birth, we know there is a short window of under a year to prepare to move baby through the pelvis. The movements in your yoga class, even virtual, are made for the mechanics of the body. This means that your yoga teacher is walking you through moments that not only help you now, but open the hips for later. I've had several women come to yoga classes around their estimated due date for the squats that drop baby and open hips in preparation for birth.

Are you planning on taking prenatal yoga?

  • Yup, can't wait!

  • Not sure if it is for me yet.

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