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Back in My Bag: Doula Bag

I'm on-call and its time to organize my doula bag! I love getting all my favorite tools together and cleaned within a two-week window of my client's due date. This helps me get in the birth-day mindset and turn my internal on-call clock on.

Here's a few thing that I love and always have in my doula bag:

  • The bag: The bag is pretty important for me. Not only is it way to identify and brand myself but also where I am holding all my other doula things. I prefer a tote or backpack so that I can keep it organized.

  • Essential oils and base oil: Another must have! Aromatherapy is a non-invasive way of introducing herbal support in times of need. I like to pair this with a base oil for massages or is the client prefers no scents

  • Fabric: A generous amount of fabric can go a long way. You can use almost any fabric like a traditional rebozo

  • Hair ties and accessories: It never fails.We are in active labor and the body temperature continues to fluctuate. We need to either pull the doula's or the birther's hair back so we can continue on comfortably.

  • Toiletries and change of clothes: In my early days, I did not realize how hormonal doula work makes you. Body odor changes, and time alone give you a reason to freshen up after several hours. There's also spills, bodily fluids, birth tub assistance that may warrant a new birthing outfit.

  • Fans: We usually just pull whatever is near by to cool the mxthership down. However I really want to add an official birth fan to my bag. Doulas, do you use fans?

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